This month, AllOne Board Member Tina Macon was highlighted in her company’s, CS&S Sales, monthly newsletter. Below, you can read the full article of Tina’s work in North Portland!

Make Portland a Better Place

There is a moment in many people’s lives when they look around, notice the world around them, and decide they want to help. That moment came for Tina Macon/PDX about 9 years ago. While living in Anchorage with her family, she saw many people who needed help and felt called to step in. She began working with a homeless shelter for youth called Covenant House.

Tina and her husband have since moved to Portland and continue to help in that community as well. Most recently, she has served in a local effort called Compassion North Portland, a free 1-day health clinic that provides basic health care services for a full day. Tina also serves on the board of AllOne Community Services, an organization that works to help the community in a tangible way. AllOne Community organizes the outreach for Compassion North Portland and works with many other local organizations to provide a variety of services such as healthy and affordable food for people in need, paths to stable and affordable housing, and securing addiction recovery services.

Tina has put the skills she uses at CH2M and its former community funding resources Dollars for Doers and CH2M Foundation) to work in her community. Her ability to solve problems and help staff reach their goals has served her well in her volunteering.

One of the things Tina feels has really helped with community outreach is the more than 20 local churches, known as The Church of North Portland, who have set aside their ideology and come together to do good work in the community. These churches have people who help by first building a relationship with people in need and then getting out on the streets, getting their hands dirty, and just working to solve problems.

Tina said she realized that “I don’t have to have all the answers. I just have to start helping.” She said the first challenge to herself was to acknowledge what was going on. Then, she had to get involved.

The next thing on Tina’s volunteer list is Community of Hope. This is a Christ-centered association that will house homeless families in North Portland. They have saved $50,000 toward this facility and continue to move forward and improve it. Tina said she is trusting they are doing God’s work. She can see he is moving everyone in the right direction and things continue to work out. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these organizations or are interested in starting something similar in your community you can contact Tina Macon/PDX or follow the links above.

– Diana Dore/RDD